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Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Partnerships Committee

Wellness & Recovery

The Partnerships Subcommittee of the Council on Child Safety and Family Empowerment is focused on identifying strategic alliances involving public-private, cross-sector partnerships and funding sources for child abuse prevention programs.

The Partnerships Subcommittee is tasked with:

  • Supporting and participating in the Collective Impact effort to increase Child Safety and Well-Being
  • Exploring and supporting strategies for maximizing the impact of the Child Abuse Prevention License Plates Fund
  • Developing strategic partnerships with community stakeholders to support the activities of the Council

FY 2017/18 Subcommittee Highlights include:

  • Supporting the Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Donation Grant
    • Child Abuse Prevention Awards Breakfast help for grant recipients and foundations at The Arizona Republic
    • Grants application process digitized and updated to include a trauma-informed emphasis for increasing impact and identifying shares measurable objectives
  • Supporting the Arizona Collective Impact Initiative
    • A Donor Advised Fund was set up with the Arizona Community Foundation to receive and hold funds to be managed by the Collective Impact Initiative Steering Committee.
    • The steering committee was expanded and convened as a leadership team in November, 2017.
    • A Request for Proposals was issued to identify a consultant having experience with the Collective Impact model to work with the steering committee to develop a common agenda.
  • The steering committee continues to meet monthly to develop an organizational structure, review, and discuss issues that influence involvement with the child welfare system.


Agendas, Minutes and Documents

The Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family agendas, minutes and other related documents as they become available.

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