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The Arizona CarePortal Project is a Public-Private Partnership of the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family, the Arizona Department of Child Safety and CarePortal funded entirely by community partners. CarePortal is a platform of The Global Orphan Project. CarePortal leverages a technological platform that enables child welfare professionals from participating agencies to quickly communicate with participating churches by inputting a need and the technology generates requests to churches based on their proximity to the zip code of the need.

Arizona CarePortal Project

"The state does not make a good parent, which is why keeping families together is a priority for me." 

- Governor Doug Ducey

The Arizona CarePortal Project connects families in crisis with community supports allowing more families to stay intact. 

When a case manager at the Department of Child Safety identifies a need - like a crib or home repair - they access CarePortal online and submit the request for help. 

Using GEO Radius Technology, CarePortal quickly sends out an email invitation to a network of church community partners.

In real-time the point of contact connects with their congregation to see if someone can meet the need. Once the need can be met they respond to the original email.

The Arizona CarePortal Project is done without any cost to local or state governments. All funding is provided through private donations.

By The Numbers

Since launching in December of 2015 in Pima County, CarePortal in Arizona has seen tremendous growth and impact as the program continues to empower churches to directly serve children and families in crisis.  Over the past three years, 114 churches have served 4,421 children directly with an economic impact of $1,563,891. 

For real-time data and up-to-date information on CarePortal's impact in Arizona, please click here

Download CarePortal's 2018 Arizona Overview

CarePortal 2018

Governor Doug Ducey announced the official launch of CarePortal in Maricopa County

The CarePortal is one of many partnerships formed through the Council on Child Safety and Family Empowerment, chaired by First Lady Angela Ducey, and is designed to connect families in crisis with local faith-based organizations willing to lend a hand. The program equips caseworkers at the Arizona Department of Child Safety with a communications network through which to notify nearby churches of a specific child or family in need, allowing churches to then fill that need based on the resources they have available.Once the request is submitted to the network, the CarePortal sends out an alert to participating organizations within the family’s zip code—and, after receiving the alert, the organization can identify parishioners willing to assist families in their community.

Making A Difference

The Arizona CarePortal Project launched in Pima County, December 3, 2015, and in Maricopa County September 1, 2016. As a result, over 500 children were kept out of the Foster Care System in 8 months.

"I believe that the launch of CarePortal in Maricopa County will prove to be one of the most significant opportunities to keep more families together."

Former Director Debbie Moak, GOYFF

"This type of connection between faith based organizations and government is vital to restoring balance between protection and charity."

Director Gregory McKay, DCS