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Wellness & Recovery

Child Care Provider Appreciation Day - May 10, 2019

Governor Ducey proclaimed May 10, 2019 as Child Care Provider Appreciation Day, to encourage all citizens to join me in acknowledging Arizona's child care providers for their invaluable contributions made to the State of Arizona on this special day and trhoughout the year. 

Child Care Provider Appreciation Day Proclamation 


ACEs Prevention & Awareness Day - December 11, 2018

Governor Ducey proclaimed December 11, 2018 as ACEs Prevention & Awareness Day, calling upon all citizens, parents, governmental agencies, public and private institutions, businesses, hospitals, schools, and colleges in the State of Arizona to support efforts of universal screening and assessment to ensure early identification and intervention of ACEs that will help to better understand and respond in a trauma informed way to those who have been affected.

ACEs Awareness & Prevention Day Proclamation


Arizona Adoption Awareness Month - November 2018

Governor Ducey proclaimed November 2018 as Arizona Adoption Awareness Month to encourage all citizens, communities, and supporting organizations to renew their commitment to match all Arizonan children who need a forever family with a loving adoptive family. 

Arizona Adoption Awareness Month Proclamation 

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - September 2018

Governor Ducey proclaimed September 2018 as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to encourage citizens to work within their communities to increase awareness and understanding of Childhood Cancer. 

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation 

Child Support Awareness Month - September 2018

Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed August 2018, Child Support Awareness Month, to enhance the safety and well-being of Arizona’s children by providing them with economic stability that will create opportunities for one’s future. 

Child Support Awareness Month Proclamation 

Drowning Impact Awareness Month - August 2018

Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed August 2018 as Drowning Impact Awareness Month to encourage all communities and citizens of Arizona to participate in efforts to reduce drowning risk, strengthen families, and protect children and teens.  

Drowning Impact Awareness Month Proclamation 

Family Reunification Month - June 2018

Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed June 2018 as Arizona Family Reunification Month to acknowledge the importance of supporting and celebrating the reunification of families and communities and to invite child welfare agencies, courts, schools, businesses, media, faith communities, civic and service organizations to join him in commemorating Arizona Family Reunification Month. 

Family Reunification Month Proclamation 

Foster Care Awareness Month - May 2018

Governor Ducey has proclaimed May 2018 as Foster Care Awareness Month to express gratitude to those who open their hearts and homes to children and youth, and to encourage citizens to step forward and invest in the lives of Arizona’s youth through the foster care system. 

Foster Care Awareness Month Proclamation 

Arizona Crime Victims' Rights Week - April 8-April 16, 2018

Governor Ducey has proclaimed April 8-14th, 2018 as Arizona Crime Victims’ Rights Week to reaffirm Arizona’s commitment to ensure that all victims of crime are offered accessible and appropriate services with trusted sources of support to work for their justice in order to build resilience in Arizona communities. 

Arizona Crime Victims' Rights Week Proclamation 

Child Abuse Prevention Month - April 2018

Governor Ducey has proclaimed April 2018 as Child Abuse Prevention Month to encourage Arizona citizens and communities to participate in efforts to strengthen families, protect children, and prevent child abuse and neglect. 

Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation 

Birth Defects Prevention Month - January 2018

Governor Ducey has proclaimed January 2018 as Birth Defects Prevention Month to encourage citizens to increase awareness, education, and services related to birth defects and promote the good health and well-being of all Arizonans. 

Birth Defects Prevention Month Proclamation